Here’s My Story

Evelyn Lee

My name is Evelyn Lee, and good food makes me (and my family) happy.

I grew up in a garden, and we used that garden fresh food in the kitchen to make some tremendous, sustainable meals.

I used to spend the afternoons with my grandparents after school while waiting for my parents to get off of work.

That’s where my love of cooking started. When I went to the mall, I wanted to go to Sur La Table instead of the toy store.

Farmer’s markets were my ideal way to spend a Sunday. Instead of riding my bike, I did container gardening so I could use the fresh produce to make something delicious.

I cook for my family, and I spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen.

Over the years, I’ve experienced what works, what doesn’t, and put my cookware through its paces like nobody else. I’m here to share all of that experience with you.

I’m here to show you what you can do, how far you can push your utensils and appliances, and bring some new life into that kitchen of yours.

Together, we’re going to cover what pro chefs use, how long your cookware lasts, and everything else you could think of as I continue to provide content for Take Back Your Table.

Are you ready to get cooking?