Still searching for something sweet to make for your love on Valentine’s Day? Have I got the dessert for you! You ready for it?


Red Velvet Cake with Creamy Nutella Buttercream!


Don’t adjust your screen. You read it correctly. I said Nutella Buttercream. As in, NUTELLA FREAKING BUTTERCREAM! I know! Insanity, right? It’s every bit as good as it sounds and it quite possibly may be my new favorite cake topping. Deliciously creamy, light and silky, this icing is far from ordinary. The Nutella adds a depth of flavor and a smoothness that I really like in contrast to the delicate crumb of this light and airy red velvet cake. Oh. Right. There’s cake too. And if you hop on over to Momtastic, you’ll get the recipe for my red velvet cake as well. But let’s be honest here, isn’t it always about the icing? Enjoy!