Doesn’t this dish look puurty? I mean, it looks like something you’d serve to company, right? It even looks like it might be a little fussy to make, eh?


Not. A. Chance.


This is me talking. The one with the two kids under 3. Fussy has no place in my crazy-ass life. I love dishes like this because they are easy enough to make on a weeknight, but elegant enough to serve to the in-laws when they pop by for a visit. We all need a recipe like this. It’s a dish that can be thrown together in under  25 minutes. A dish that’s full of flavor, one that will easily fool people into thinking you got your act together when really, you were seconds away from ordering take-out.


Chicken roll-ups are one of my favorite dinners because it’s a technique that takes ordinary breaded cutlets to a new level. This dish can be made with any combination of thinly sliced meat (pork, veal, etc…) cheese and vegetables. You can even throw some chopped nuts or dried fruit into the mix. Mmmm…I’m even thinking a gorgonzola, honey, walnut stuffing would be delish. The possibilities are endless.