The other day I got an email from my Aunt telling me about these amazing cookies someone made her. When you like to cook and bake, you tend to get a lot of people sending you recipes to try out. Normally, I would just add the recipe to my ever-growing stack of “recipes to try when I have free time” list (HA!), but when she told me that these cookies contained pretzels AND potato chips, I was sold. I love dessert and I don’t need an excuse to try out a new cookie recipe but this sweet and salty combo definitely peaked my interest. I’m six months pregnant and my kicks definitely come from sweets these days. Since I can’t have the Margarita I’ve been craving, this cookie would have to do. The recipe was really good as written. However, I was craving a slightly different texture, something chewy to contrast with the crispness of the mix-ins. Never being one to leave well enough alone, I decided to try and make them my own. I am super happy with how these came out and I hope you are too.


This recipe is the prefect excuse to use up all of the broken chips and pretzels that inevitably invade the bottoms of the bags after your kids decide to “help” you unpack the groceries. These babies may not be the healthiest cookie in the world, but I like my desserts decadent and a little (ok, A LOT) naughty. You have my permission to go hog-wild. And if you feel that guilty, go ahead and sprinkle in some wheat germ, I wont tell! : )


P.S. My friend OneHungryMama posted something similar to these last week (great minds!). We all must have party snacks on the brain! She kicked them up a notch by adding peanuts. Brilliant!